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Lifetime Members

Any General Member in good standing may become a Lifetime Member with all the privileges of General Membership as governed by the By-Laws Herein. Upon payment of the Lifetime Membership dues ($3,000) and ratification of a majority of the Board of Trustees, the Lifetime Member shall receive a framed certificate signifying said accomplishment.


Timothy Adams
Marlene Anielski
Ralph Antolino
Bruce Bailey
James Baker
Paul Bishop
John Black
Richard Bowen
Craig Brown
James Cissell
Albert M. Covelli II

Sam Covelli
Joanne Dannemiller
Chauncey Dean
James Dickey
Robert (Steve) Evans
Alan Fejes
John Foltz
John Foster
Charles Franks
Karen Gillmor
Theodore Griley
William Gunlock



W. Henry Hauser, Jr.

Hu Huang
Donald Jakeway
William Kagler
Stephen Landerman
Joe LaMantia
Richard Langhout
James McElroy
Keith Merrill
William Morgan
Richard (Ted) Prasse
Ginni Ragan
Sam Randazzo

Clyde R. Rauch
Wellington Roemer
Monte Rovekamp
Chandra Shah
Thomas Starr
Alan Stockmeister
Howard Thomsen
Daniel Ujczo
Thomas Winters
Ryan Wright
Todd Young