“Ohio has more things by
accident than all other
states have on purpose.”

Governor James A. Rhodes

“Poverty breeds crime,
 disease, immorality, &

Governor James A. Rhodes

“We must prepare each
 youth to graduate with
 a diploma in one hand
 and a job in the other”

Governor James A. Rhodes

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Fellow Commodores,

I would like to thank you for your past and present support of the Ohio Commodores.

When Governor Rhodes founded the Commodores he created a vision, a quest if you would for this group to assist and help lead in the continued development of the great State of Ohio. His legacy to Ohio lives on through his vision for the advancement and development of Ohio’s infrastructure and University system.

In order to be a member of the Ohio Commodores you must be contributing to the growth and development of the State of Ohio and greater prosperity of her citizens. With your help my goal is to work with the entire membership to help increase economic development in every part of our great state and our goal should be that every community in Ohio will never be left out.

I look forward to working with all of you as we set our goals to accomplish great things!

All the Best!

Sam Covelli
Grand Commodore

Sam Covelli

Our mission is to assist the State of Ohio in its advancement in all areas contributing to the economic growth and development of the State, and the greater prosperity of its citizens.


The Commodores Captains Award is presented to those who have contributed to the organization above and beyond the expected participation.


The James A. Rhodes Service award is given to individuals whose services to Ohio have “followed in the footsteps of Governor Rhodes”. James Rhodes was an American Republican politician from Ohio that served four full terms in office.
Rhodes Award


The Elite Corps are individuals who have brought honor and dignity to themselves and their home state of Ohio.